Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation


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          When thinking about what drew me to this organization, to be honest, I had a little trouble. After some time, I realized that I looked up to these young kids with cancer, like Alex. They are so incredibly strong and resilient. No matter how much it hurts, they keep fighting. For themselves, their families, their friends. I realized that I hope to one day, have as much courage as these little kids do. I can't speak for anyone, but I can say that just hearing these stories like Alex's make me want to spread kindness. They make me want to help others. They make me want to be brave, fearless, and bold. They make me realize how incredibly lucky I am to be healthy and have healthy family and friends. I realized that it's my desire to have as much kindness, positivity, and strength that kids affected with cancer have. This is my way of starting somewhere. My hope is that someday, kids and families around the world won't have to be stuck with this horrific burden on their shoulders and that even this small project will help someone. At least one little kid needs to know that someone out there loves and looks up to them for their never-ending strength and selflessness. Thank you so much for your time, I truly appreciate it.



If you are in a place where you could donate even a very small amount, I would really, really appreciate it. Here is the link to my GoFundMe :)


We would love to plant seeds of hope with you: Anyone who donates any amount will receive a small lemon tree growing kit from us as a thank you, and as a reminder to continue planting seeds of hope in the battle against children's cancer.